Why we teach water safety and open water skills in swimming lessons!

14 Sep 2020

Why we teach water safety and open water skills in our swimming program!

According to various studies, even those who can swim competitive strokes in the pool such as breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle, are still at risk of drowning. To stay safe in different water environments found in Australia, it is essential that we also learn water safety and open water skills. 
In Australia, between 1st July 2018 and 30th June 2019, 276 people lost their lives to drowning, and a further 584 people experienced a non-fatal drowning incident (Royal Life Saving Australia National Drowning Report, 2019). These drowning statistics indicate the importance of why we should participate in structured safety lessons, and why we should continue to provide information to the community about aquatic safety. 
To help everyone stay safe our structured swimming lessons in-centre allow participants to learn about water safety in 'simulated open water activities'. These lessons can be very beneficial to all different ages.  
Simulated open water activities are those that mimic open water aquatic situations that we may find ourselves in outside of our local leisure centre. These outside aquatic environments could include at-home swimming pools, waterways such as rivers creeks or streams, beaches or harbours and the ocean.

At our Centre, we believe all students have the opportunity to participate in aquatic lessons. Swimming lessons allow students to learn vital water safety activities, which are aligned with the new National Swimming and Water Safety Framework from Royal Life Saving.  

National Swimming and Water Safety Framework

The new Framework released by Royal Life Saving Australia supports a structured and consistent understanding of swimming and water safety education across Australia.

Swimming is one of the joys of life. As well as being a vital life skill, the ability to swim opens up a raft of opportunities for people to enjoy a healthy, active and safe lifestyle and to confidently participate in aquatic recreational and sporting activities.
The National Swimming and Water Safety Framework's ultimate goal is to increase the swimming and water safety skills of all Australians for lifelong safe and active participation in physical aquatic activities and recreation.
It sets out a core structure to enable people to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and behaviours they need to enjoy a range of aquatic environments safely.
The Framework is intended for those that influence the learning opportunities and experiences for swimming and water safety education and guides those responsible for developing, providing or selecting a swimming and water safety program.‚Äč

At certain ages individuals are suggested to be able to have the following skills and competencies and complete the following swimming practices.

To find out more about the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework, please click the link below.


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